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CashFlowAnalyzer 1.0.0 from Base Builders is now available as a Free Download!

Fact: The No. 1 cause of small business failure is the lack of proper cash flow forecasting.

CashFlowAnalyzer is a FREE runtime tool designed to help businesses manage their cash flow.

# What is CashFlowAnalyzer?

CashFlowAnalyzer is a tool designed to forecast your bank balance over a six week period. Enter your receivables, payables, monthly expenses, and payroll, and let the software do the rest. It will also track your lines of credit. At the end of each week simply click the Roll Forward button and your data is automatically updated and ready for the new week.

To download your free copy visit our web site at www.basebuilders.com

# Pricing & Availability

A fully functional runtime version is available at:

Licenses cost US$ 0 per user. Thats right, it is completely FREE of Charge.

# About Base Builders

Base Builders is a leading developer of job tracking, project and business management software solutions designed for architects, engineers and related industries. We specialize in software tools that will improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability, simply and effectively.

# Contact information

Doug Rawson, PE
Base Builders, LLC
550 W Plumb Lane, Suite 520
Reno, NV 89509
(866) 852-3030 or + 1 (775) 852-3000

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