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-- Users Empowered to Extend World's Best Analysis Tool For Developing Better FileMaker Solutions -- Many Other Improvements As Well -- For Mac users: now bundled with myFMbutler's excellent Clip Manager to streamline your development work.

OAKLAND, CA., June 5, 2007 -- FM::Nexus and beezwax datatools today announced the release of Inspector 1.7. The premier development and debugging tool for the FileMaker platform is now available unlocked and ready to customize!

Unlocked for all licensees, once you activate your copy of Inspector 1.7, you are free to get under the hood using standard FileMaker development features. Users can now change output layouts to produce reports with a custom look and feel for presentation directly to clients. Along with Inspector 1.7, "Inspected by Inspector" seals are available to be included in all solutions. These seals make it easy to let clients know developers have checked their work.

Inspector 1.7 also includes various bug fixes and other enhancements. It is available as a free upgrade for currently registered users. To download or purchase Inspector, visit http://fmnexus.com/products/inspector/

About Inspector

Inspector is the premier development analysis and debugging tool for the FileMaker platform. Whether it's a solution you wrote or inherited, Inspector will make debugging easier and faster. With Inspector, all memory variables and field references are immediately available with their dependencies in a central, visible location. A highly intuitive visual interface helps you spot potential problems and resolve them immediately.

"Inspector is a must-have utility for FileMaker professionals... the ability to search within calculation formulas is worth the price of admission alone, but the reports and automatic highlighting of problems within solutions saves a ton of development time as well. The security summary information is a fantastic way to diagnose issues across multiple privilege sets and troubleshoot during conversion. Inspector is an invaluable addition to our collective toolbox." -- Scott Love, Founding Partner and Vice President, Soliant Consulting

How Inspector Works

Inspector thoroughly analyzes the metadata of solutions built with FileMaker software to provide the essential information developers need to build rock-solid solutions, execute intelligent maintenance and keep solutions problem-free. Using FileMaker's DDR, Inspector provides an eye-popping visual overview of basetables, table occurrences, layouts, scripts, fields, privilege sets and much more. The result clarifies the structure, elements, relationships and other crucial information, graphically highlighting problems in troubled areas for a quick understanding of issues requiring attention.

Comprehensive and flexible, Inspector's search provides results from within any calculation for elements, fields, functions, etc. Inspector provides visually striking, detailed information for deletion decisions, multiple security perspectives, change tracking across multiple analyses, and can even facilitate change documentation, for one's own records, team members or clients.

"Since its release, Inspector has been an integral part of our solution Q/A process. We use Inspector in the final stages of development to identify issues that our testers may have missed. In a recent FileMaker 6 to FileMaker 8 migration project, Inspector found a whopping 1700 issues which we were able to rapidly fix. Inspector has surely increased the quality of our products, and has lowered our time to market." -- Charlie Bailey, inRESONANCE

"OMG, the time I'm going to save!!" -- Vicki Howell, Corporate Image

Free with Inspector for OS X users: Clip Manager from myFMbutler

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