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Monday, July 23, 2007

24U Software announces an immediate availability of 24U SimpleChart Plug-In 1.0 for FileMaker Pro 9! This plug-in allows your FileMaker Pro databases to generate and display basic kinds of charts, more easily than ever before. What is 24U SimpleChart Plug-In?

SimpleChart generates charts into calculated or regular container fields. Unstored charts can be updated automatically after editing data or changing found set, with absolutely no scripting required. Stored charts can be modified later modified by adding new data series or changing chart style, even without access to the original data.

Main features:

- Generates pie charts - Generates horizontal and vertical bar charts - Generates line charts and area charts - Offers 2D and 3D style for all kinds of charts - Accepts data from parameters, found set, or related records - Automatically updates charts after changing data or found set - Style of stored chart can be changed without access to the original data - Charts can be generated in printable quality - Auto Update savvy (24U Plug-In AutoInstaller included)

Coming soon: Version 1.1 with Instant Web Publishing Support!

More info: http://www.24uSoftware.com/SimpleChart Download: http://www.24usoftware.com/SimpleChart#download

Attractive prices of 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In!

- License for 1 user is $48 US, additional users pay just $24 US or less! - Developer license starts at $349 US limited to 20 concurrent users per site, but unlimited to a number of solutions or customers.

To purchase visit: http://www.24usoftware.com/SimpleChart#buy More about 24U licenses: http://www.24usoftware.com/licenseguide.php

24U Software offers solutions for people, not for computers!
Press Contact:
Robert Pikous
PR Manager, 24U Software
Associate Member, Filemaker Solutions Alliance
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